Enjoy our tomatoes here!

Peckas Tomater offers cherry tomatoes and round tomatoes – both of them irresistibly tasty and fresh!
Our secret? All of our tomatoes are locally produced and free from chemicals and pesticides.

Peckas Cherry Tomatoes

Freshly picked cherry tomatoes, perfect for a light salad or just as a healthy snack. Our cherry tomatoes are very appreciated by all tomato lovers.

Peckas Round Tomato

This is a really popular product, an all round-tomato with a rich flavor, a delicious structure and a juicy pulp – suitable for a salad or a warm meal.

Where to buy our tomatoes (Sweden)


  • Coop Forum Härnösand
  • Coop Tullporten Härnösand
  • Coop Brunne Härnösand
  • Ica Maxi Härnösand
  • Ica Supermarket Älandsbro


  • Ica Maxi
  • Stora Coop


  • Ica Nära Strömmen Noraström
  • Ica Supermarket Rosen Nyland
  • Ica Supermarket Kramfors
  • Coop Konsum Kramfors
  • Ica Nära Ullånger
  • Ica Nära Nordingrå
  • Ica Nära Docksta


  • Ica Supermaket Nordmaling
  • Coop Konsum Nordmaling


  • Ica Kvantum Sollefteå
  • Coop Konsum Sollefteå
  • Ica Nära Rödsta
  • Ica Nära Rensele


  • Coop Haga Sundsvall
  • Coop Granlo
  • Coop Forum Sundsvall
  • Coop Extra Nacksta
  • Coop Fränsta
  • Ica Esplanaden
  • Ica Nära Söråker
  • Ica Sörberge
  • Ica Nära Bergsgatan Sundsvall
  • Ica Nära Sidsjöhallen
  • Ica Maxi Birsta Sundsvall
  • Ica Kvantum Nacksta
  • Ica Kvantum Nivrena Kvissleby
  • Ica Supermarket Alnö
  • Ica Supermarket Bommen Njurunda
  • Ica Supermarket Matfors


  • Coop Timrå


  • Ica Maxi Strömpilsplatsen
  • Ica Kvantum Kronoparken
  • Ica Gourmet City
  • Ica supermarket Teg
  • Ica Kvantum Mariehem
  • Ica Hörnefors
  • Stora Coop Umeå
  • Coop City Umeå
  • Coop Mariehem
  • Coop Ålidhem
  • Coop Hörnefors
  • Coop Haga Umeå
  • Coop Ersboda


  • Coop Forum Örnsköldsvik
  • Coop Konsum Själevad
  • Coop Köpmanholmen
  • Coop Hörnett
  • Coop Gullänget
  • Ica Kvantum Örnsköldsvik
  • Ica Nära Torshallen Järved
  • Ica Centrum
  • Ica Östra
  • Ica Supermarket Själevad
  • Ica Supermarket Bjästa


  • Ica Kvantum
  • Ica Maxi
  • Ica Supermarket Vallhalla
  • Ica Supermarket Matmästarn
  • Ica Supermarket Odenhallen
  • Ica Supermarket Brundflo
  • Coop Frösön
  • Coop Matcity
  • Coop Forum Östersund

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Our history

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Let’s go back in time! 20 years ago, our story began in Härnösand – not with tomatoes – but with fish.

Pecka Nygård started a fish farm, but when he saw the environmental problems that his farm created; that really affected the sea, he tried fish farming on land instead.

The result: fresh fish, clean oceans and delicious tomatoes.

Today, thanks to this knowledge, Peckas Tomater in Härnösand is grown in the largest aquaponics farm in Europe. The process works in the same way as then Pecka started it, with rainbow trout in a fish bed and tomatoes in a plant bed – in a closed recycling system. Pecka Nygård is still present in the company as an owner, a specialist and an employee.

Why our tomatoes are the best
– and the smartest

Aquaponics system is an eco-friendly method, since it requires a much smaller amount of resources compared to traditional farming.


So even if it’s only tomatoes we’re talking about – Peckas makes the world better. We use fish farming and grow tomatoes during the whole year with this modern aquaponics system. Where the fish basin nourishes the tomatoes, which in turn cleans the water. The cleaned water gets oxygenated and is brought back in to the fish basin.

Fish farming is a resource-efficient method. A rainbow trout who lives in nature requires a meal of 5-7 kilos of fish to grow 1 kilo. With Peckas aquaponics system you get 1 kilo of fish and 10-12 kilos of tomatoes – using only 1 kilo of fish forage.

Meet our most important employees

Our tomatoes are grown along with nature, not against it. Our two most important employees are the rainbow trout and the bumblebee.

In our big farming system, the bumblebees are buzzing around in their 12 homes. The bumblebee pollinates the tomato flower, which is a prerequisite for the tomatoes to grow. Without the bumblebees – no tomatoes.

Consumer information

Our packages shall be recycled as cardboard.

Taste warranty
If the quality of the tomatoes doesn’t correspond with your expectations, please get in touch with us. If you´re not satisfied, we will offer you a compensation for that.

Keep the tomatoes in room temperature.

Consumer contact
0611-50 54 90

Address: Verkstadsvägen 19, 871 54 Härnösand, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)611-50 54 90

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